In the past few years I've managed to accumulate a lot of little projects that tend to sit around on various servers and rarely see the light of day. I've compiled a list of a bunch of them here to show them off a little.

Not everything below has a link to anything useful. Some stuff I haven't had a chance to get into an easily downloadable form. I'll add them as I get my act together.

Java Programs

I do a fair amount of Java Programming in my spare time. Here's some of my more completed projects.

Pepys (SourceForge page)
This is a library built around the LiveJournal protocol. My goal was to provide a back-end for anyone else who wanted to write a GUI , though I did end up writing a Swing front-end myself (you can use test:test to log in and see it work). Gordon Christie also wrote a GUI using the AWT.
MP3 Streamer
This started off as a very simple program that just read in .mp3 files and spit them out as fast as it could over http. The network aspects of it haven't changed any, but I did add some new features, the details of which currently slip my mind.
Fractal Music
This was my final project for my Pure Math 370 course on Chaos and Fractals. It's a very basic overview of some of the ideas behind fractal music, and contains a number of Java applet demonstrations. The applets aren't particularly fancy, but I was pleased with my use of dynamic class loading to have the same GUI work with different music generators.
JavaMail Email Client
A work in progress. I was desperate for some coding work to do, so I started this. Nothing presentable at the moment, but I thought I'd mention it here.

Musical Compositions

Classic John Price Five MIDI Files
Back in highschool my friend Tim and I formed a "band" called the "John Price Five" and composed a number of catchy tunes together. Actually, catchy is probably not the right word, but here they are. Yes, they are intended to sound as stupid as they do.

Written Works

Two Essays on Kant (.ps or .pdf)
These two short essays composed my final exam for my Ethics course. They are by no means exhaustively researched and are in fact entirely based on what I learned in lectures. What I'm saying here is that if you're a Kant expert and disagree with what I'm saying, I'm not going to argue with you. I've created a .pdf version of the document now, so you can view it using Adobe Acrobat. The .ps version is still available and looks much better, if you've got a viewer to read it.


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