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Making a Comeback!

The Kraft Dinner website has moved to a brand new hosting facility with more fanciness than I could hope for. I've also just acquired the www.kraftdinner.org domain (it just points back to the old site for now).

As a result, I'm polishing up my PHP and css and the whole site will be getting an update in the near future. If you've got any suggestions, let me know.

Back to the Kraft Dinner...

As a university student living alone with no one else to even try to impress with my cooking skills (whether or not I could actually impress anyone anyway is debatable), I tend to lean (steeply) towards foods that can be prepared in 10 minutes or less, and that require a minimum amount of effort.

Since the time I wrote this page, Kraft has unfortunately discontinued (as far as I can tell) a fair number of the varieties I've listed on the varieties page. I'll try to update the info as required, but for the moment, the information on this page should be considered wildly inaccurate at best.

Anyway, here's what makes Kraft Dinner the food of choice:

  • Kraft Dinner takes (according to the box) 7 minutes to make. Of course its more than that, since you have to boil water, but unless you use - say - a match, most people can keep that to about five minutes.
  • Kraft Dinner requires getting exactly two items dirty:
    • 1 pot
    • 1 spoon
  • Now, if you're making the spaghetti version, you may want to also dirty a fork, since eating spaghetti with a spoon is difficult. Also, this assumes that you don't bother with bowls or plates... you have to eat right out of the pot like a real man... or woman... or trained monkey.
  • Kraft Dinner is a "good source of protien", or at least so says the box.
  • Kraft Dinner is a good source of macaroni.
  • Kraft Dinner is a good source of something that vaguely resembles cheese.
  • Kraft Dinner requires only two outside ingredients:
    • milk
    • butter or margarine
    In a pinch, substitute water for milk, and forget the butter/margarine... it still works, although I recommend at least putting in the butter. Milk and water don't seem to differ much.
  • Kraft Dinner can be made by idiots, although serious burns may result.
  • One box is a healthy single serving, or can be split to feed two if you're lucky enough to have friends.
  • Kraft Dinner is not (to the best of my knowledge) made in slave-labour camps in Mongolia. Nor does it contain (visible) insect parts.
  • Kraft Dinner now comes in a wide array of types and flavours, in addition to non-Kraft variants.

Onwards, to the varieties of cheesy goodness!


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