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I finally decided to get around to playing with Dreamweaver and working on my home page, and here's the result. Hopefully I haven't commited too many cardinal sins of web-design.You can follow the links above (or below) to four exotic web-locations:

Includes random information about myself, as well as links to pictures and copies of my resume in various formats.
Lists and links to a number of projects I've worked on in the past. These range from Java applications I've coded to Philosophy essays I've written.
My old web page. The only things of interest here are some old pictures (now available from the About page), and of course, the original Kraft Dinner page.
Kraft Dinner
The new and improved Kraft Dinner page. Studies have shown that that's the only thing people are interested in seeing on my webpage, so here it is. It's been updated within the not too distant past, so have a look.

If you've got any comments about my site, or find any broken links or speling mistaks, you can let me know using my new and fancy feedback form. Or if you're scared of hitting the submit button for fear that it will result in the total annihilation of the universe as we know it, you could just email me at the address below. The site is a work in progress, but things shouldn't actually be broken.

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In the meantime, just ignore any MySQL errors you come across. Nothing but the changelog should be affected.


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